Gelato Around the World

A True Story from Italy

A true story as told by the great grandchildren of Calogero and Teresa Lombardo, of Sant'Agata di Militello, Sicily.

The Past
Sant'Agata di Militello, Sicily, a quaint and very beautiful coastal city on Sicily’s north shore was home to the Lombardo family, as far back as anyone could remember. The year was 1897, and like so many other Sicilians, distraught by the very poor economy of their beautiful homeland, and attracted to the promise of opportunity and prosperity in the United States of America, this very young, recently married couple, while expecting the birth of their first child, boarded a steam-ship bound for New York, New York.

Arriving at Ellis Island, they were spared the rather common indignity of being given an anglicized last name, because Lombardo was so easily pronounced and spelled. Following in the steps of others from their hometown, their destination was the fast growing and booming Cleveland, Ohio, home of the world’s first billionaire, John D. Rockefeller. They settled in the largest of the Italian neighborhoods, known as Big Italy.

Virtually penniless upon their arrival in Cleveland, they by virtue of immigrant frugality and tireless hard work, together with their six children, were able to establish their own business, a small gelateria. Here in this most inauspicious of circumstances, the very finest of the world’s best gelato was lovingly handmade, and sold both in the gelateria and by push cart, as Calogero would vend it through the streets of downtown Cleveland.

From this most humble beginning, Calogero and Teresa Lombardo spawned through their three sons and three daughters, one of the most wealthy, successful, and prominent of Cleveland’s Italian-American families.

The Future
After 106 years in Cleveland, Ohio, once again the Lombardo family has responded to the allure of the explosive growth and booming economy of another city...this time, the most dynamic of USA Southwestern cities, Phoenix, Arizona. This ascending star of all U.S. cities has once again birthed new expectancy and fresh vision for the continued success of our family, both for today, and for generations to come.

The entire family, Carl and BeBe, and their four adult children; Sam C. II, Gerard, Jean Rita, and Peter have re-located to Phoenix, purposed once again to make a new start, and create a new and even greater legacy. The vehicle to accomplish this, once again is our introduction of world class gelato to the beautiful people of Phoenix. This most delicious of all Italian desserts will be prepared daily and lovingly by the world’s greatest maestri gelatieri, Gerard and Peter Lombardo, and sold in kiosks, the pushcart of the 21st Century, in all the major malls.

The entire Lombardo family is fully committed to not only setting the standard for world class gelato in our new desert home, but most importantly, adding value to each life we touch in this great and obviously God-blessed, jewel of the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.

Come join with us, and experience the finest of all Italian desserts---gelato. We eagerly await the privilege of serving you!

Deliciously yours,
The Lombardo Family

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