Gelato Around the World

The Spoon That Changed My Standards

You only get one chance to make a first impression, a first kiss, and have an amazing memory of that first heavenly spoonful of gelato. I will never forget my first time with Lady Gelato. After the initial shock of the sheer beauty of those artisan sculpted swirls, I was caught in a hypnotic trance processing the thought of picking a flavor. Still uncertain of the unknown, I went with a familiar flavor – good old tiramisu (make that a flavor I thought I knew). The decadence, the melt-in-your-mouth bliss was nothing like I expected. Then I heard one of life's best phrases,practically all you can eat around here.Lucky for me, that was not the last spoonful of gelato for me. With a fresh batch made every so often, I get to have a special moment with a multitude of flavors regularly. But there will never be another first time. So now that you've heard my first time, do you remember yours? Share your story and tell your amaretto anecdotes, your torrone tales, and your fabulous first times (about gelato that is, it's a G-rated Web site)