Thursday, August 27, 2009

Celebrities are making appearances at gelaterias around the world confirming what we already know - gelato is hot!

Seen in the hands of celebrities, gelato is becoming more and more popular. Being caught among the trendsetters are first daughters Malia and Sasha Obama who, while in Rome on July 8th, indulged for the first time in the traditional Italian treat and have since begun enjoying the treat in and around Washington, DC. The First Lady even dropped by for some gelato while in Philadelphia, PA, recently. Charly Temmels Gelato in Venice Beach, CA, has a "celebrities love gelato" section on their website, featuring pictures of celebrities that have stopped by to enjoy a fresh cup. Major trendsetter Heidi Klum and her kids were recently in New York City and cooled down with the tasty treat in one of its famous parks.

Even celebrities such as Oprah, Lindsay Lohan and Emmy Rossum, have all laid claimed to liking exotic flavors, including the popular blood orange and blackberry cabernet sorbets, and maple ginger snap gelato.

So what are you waiting for!  Find your local gelateria today and perhaps a subtle glance from side to side while waiting in line might reveal that you're among fellow trendsetters.  You might just catch the eye of a popular celebrity or maybe you'll stumble upon a unique flavor no one's heard of yet and become a celebrity among your own friends.