Saturday, October 18, 2008

Or because, it made Mona Lisa smile. Maybe because good taste never goes out of style? Perhaps, Italy's too far away. No, it's definitely because it was love at first taste. Are you sure, that it's not because it's kind of a big deal?  Whatever you answer, the reasons for WhyGelato.com are endless.

Welcome to WhyGelato.com, a gelato-inspired resource for anyone and everyone interested in gelato, and looking to learn more.

Gelato, sometimes referred to as Italian ice cream, is known for its intense flavors, creaminess and artisanal qualities. Gelato means "frozen" in Italian and with its nutritional value is something that Italians consider a part of everyday life.

While gelato dates back to ancient times, its journey into American culture is just beginning as one in two Americans still haven't heard of the frozen dessert, according to a new poll.

But, that doesn't mean that it's not catching on. Truly proving that "cold is hot," Entrepreneur magazine named gelato to its "2008 Hot List."

With gelato's increasing popularity, WhyGelato.com was developed to educate consumers on all things gelato and further the gelato industry. WhyGelato.com is truly your one-stop resource on gelato. 

Take yourself back in time to learn the history of gelato, discover what your favorite flavor says about you and find out where you can try it in your area.

Enjoy your visit and seek out your own answer to WhyGelato.com!

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