Tuesday, October 06, 2009

WitchsBrew_Retouched.jpgIs there such a thing as being too old to trick or treat? Maybe when you consider putting on a sheet and parading the streets as a ghost for some candy past young adulthood, but you're never too old to treat yourself or your family on Halloween. When weighing the option of all the sweets available on Halloween, gelato is probably not one that comes to mind at first. But this sweet treat is sure to put that Happy Halloween smile on your face!

Sure a pillow sack full of candy will last a while, but what is not in that sack is a new experience for you or your family. For if you aren't the trick-or-treating type, going out for gelato can be a sweet and healthy alternative, as well as a great way to treat your family to some fun.

Gelato comes in a variety of creamy, refreshing and even spooky flavors, so it's sure to tickle anyone's taste buds. So buy one less bag of candy this year and take the family for gelato. For the price of numerous sugar-filled bags of candy, you could be treating yourself to a delicious, healthy cup of gelato!

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