Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The weather is looking frightful, the news says this may be the big one, you're nestled all warm in your bed hoping to hear those words that make you cheer - it's a SNOW DAY!!  Pile on your mittens, scarves and boots - it's time for snowball fights, ice skating, snow angels and sledding.  Grab your friends and head outside to frolic in the glorious winter wonderland, what a joy for kids of all ages.  Even if it's not "officially" a snow day, you can still play hooky and enjoy the chilly thrills of the season by having a deliciously creamy cup of gelato.  It's an intensely flavorful frosty treat is made fresh with the best quality ingredients - and it sure beats shoveling the driveway!

But what about your New Year's resolutions?  Don't worry about breaking your diet when you stop by your local gelateria  - gelato is naturally lower in fat and calories than ice cream and many flavors have added nutritional value that you won't find in other sweet treats.  Try hazelnut or roasted almond gelato for a rich treat that packs a protein punch, or have pomegranate for antioxidants.  The dairy-free version of gelato is called sorbetto and it's every bit as delicious - plus there's more than just fruity flavors, have you tried dark chocolate sorbetto yet?  It's time to feel good about yourself this year!

Let's cross our fingers and hope the weather report is right - what's your favorite activity to do on a snow day?  Tell us all about it on our WhyGelato.com Facebook page.