Friday, April 16, 2010


Andrew Selvaggio



Easy and delicious gelato mixes, "Authentic Italian Gelato in 15 minutes" In four fabulous flavors.

 Now you can enjoy authentic Italian Gelato any time at home with easy to mix and freeze Gelato Delights. just launched their web site offering delicious authentic Italian gelato mixes for home ice cream and gelato machines.

 Andrew Selvaggio, Founder of and boasts, "I was so impressed with the taste and how easy Gelato Delights were to make!  I just knew that there were more people like me who love gelato and would appreciate that it takes only 15 minutes to make at home!"

Gelato Delights was created by the folks at PreGel AMERICA who specialize in authentic gelato mixes for commercial Gelatarias. "Authentic Italian gelato is not always available in every community. Because of increasing demand for gelato in the US and Europe PreGel recognized the need to offer home gelato mixes that work in any ice cream or gelato machine." said  Selvaggio.

Gelato Delights are available in four flavors plus a variety pack. Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate and Raspberry.  Each packet is mixed with whole milk for gelato or water for sorbetto and makes enough for a family of four. Gelato delights work with any home ice cream or gelato machine. The price for four packets is $19.00 plus shipping and handling.

"Gelato is known for its clean flavor and low fat content. It's a healthy alternative to its super premium higher butter fat cousin. Gelato Delights are a great value compared to purchasing retail frozen desserts, going to an Ice Cream parlor or a Gelataria, plus it's fresh and made whenever you desire in 15 minutes." said Selvaggio

 "I am excited about partnering with PreGel in being able to offer Gelato Delights as well as being the first to offer it exclusively online through! Exclaims MyGelatoDelights Founder Andrew Selvaggio. " I look forward to offering more flavors in the future as well!"

"So many people receive Gelato and Ice Cream machines as gifts or buy them for their own personal use only to make a few batches then leave them to collect dust. With Gelato Delights there is no making of a base, no cooking or pureeing of fruits and you don't have to let the mix cool overnight.  You just mix, add it to your gelato machine and start it up!  By the time you finish with lunch or dinner your family is enjoying freshly frozen authentic gelato at home." said Selvaggio.

Each Gelato Delights purchase includes easy instructions as well as some great recipes that are included.


Evergreen Colorado-based  was created by Andrew Selvaggio, who also created another premier Italian cooking web site.  Together with his partnership with PreGel AMERICA they have created a way for millions who love Italian Gelato to be able to enjoy this classic frozen treat at home.