Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take A Little Italian Vacation this Summer without Ever Leaving Your Hometown

Even if you are staying close to home this summer and won’t be making that trip to Italy after all, you don't have to miss out on its warm-weather indulgences like gelato. It’s simple to enjoy this Italian treat without ever leaving your hometown. Stop by your local gelato shop to be momentarily transported to another place by the frozen dessert's fresh, intense flavor. Italians consider gelato part of everyday life -- partly because of its nutritional value (it's made with natural ingredients and contains fewer calories and less fat than other frozen desserts) and partly because it's frequently enjoyed with friends and family in the comfortable, inviting atmosphere of the neighborhood gelateria. In Italy, eating gelato is as much about the pleasure of the company you're in and where you are as it is about enjoying its delicious taste.

It's because of that taste and experience, that many Italians eat gelato in place of lunch or dinner in addition to an afternoon or evening treat. So what are you waiting for? Gather up the gang and head out to your local gelateria and enjoy a little piece of Italy today minus the long flight.

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