Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome Back! It's a fresh start to the school year and with that comes fascinating classes, new friends, budding romances, spectacular sports and the inevitable sigh of relief from Mom and Dad. Perhaps you are entering a new educational journey of your own? Or maybe you're just glad to reminisce about the glory days while hanging out with friends and family to watch your favorite football team. Whatever gets your blood pumping this time of year, go big!


And while you're expanding your horizons, add gelato to your fall schedule. Gelato is a refreshing, delicious frozen treat that's like ice cream, except it's made fresh daily with milk, instead of cream, giving you the flavor you love with less fat. All your favorites are on the roster like vanilla and chocolate, but why not try something new at your local gelateria like caramel apple or roasted almond and fig gelato? They're a whole lot better than a cup of ramen noodles and will make you the hit of any tailgate party.


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