Monday, January 31, 2011
It's time for new trend predictions. Every year major players in the food industry get together and predict what trends will be popular in the upcoming year, let's see what they're predicting for 2011... predicts that this year "macarons, usually made with ground almonds or almond paste, sugar and egg whites, will be 2011's sweet sensation." Something great about macarons is that they can be a variety of flavors and colors, having the ability to adapt to all sorts of popular profiles such as passion fruit, mint chocolate or even peanut. Thinking of offering macarons? Check out our recipes below. also predicts that "Tiki Bar Cocktails will be the quaffs of choice in 2011. The tiki movement today is coming from the craft bartending community, using fresh ingredients and attempting to find the original recipes." Tropical flavors will be the biggest rage, with flavors of pomegranate, mango, lime and pineapple. Think frozen margaritas and daiquiris, and mai tais with little umbrellas. (To read more, click here.)

Hospitality and restaurant consultants Andrew Freeman & Co. released their 2011 trend list for foodservice, stating that pies, both sweet and savory, will be the top restaurant trend in 2011. Something we should plan to see in 2011 is one-ingredient restaurants. "Restaurateurs are taking one ingredient and building full restaurants around them," Freeman said. Following on the several-year trend of gourmet burger shops, the concept is extending to cupcake shops and pie shops.

Additionally, Andrew Freeman & Co. predicts the continued evolvement of soft-serve. "In 2011 we will see chefs begin to use soft-serve ice cream machines to produce savory flavors as well as more exotic flavors" says the consultant firm.  PreGel AMERICA's Professional Training Center Staff were among those who predicted this trend as well, producing such popular savory frozen desserts as Curry Gorgonzola Raisin Gelato, Avocado Cilantro Gelato and Olive Oil & Parmesan Cheese Frozen Yogurt in 2010. With the launch of PreGel's Tenero (soft serve) line in 2010, PreGel AMERICA too predicted that soft serve would only continue to grow in popularity in the coming year. Plus, similar to the soft-serve trend, Andrew Freeman & Co. predicts iced treats such as popsicles will be showing up in savory flavors like sugar-snap pea in 2011. (To read more, click here.)

The National Restaurant Association recently listed its predictions, based on a poll of American chefs, what they believe will be the top five dessert trends for 2011. The upcoming trends, according to the poll: Artisan or house-made ice cream, bite-sized or mini desserts, dessert flights or combos, deconstructed classic desserts and savory desserts. They're not exactly new ideas per say, as many of these "trends" are already popular among desserts in restaurants, but none the less they will remain mainstream according to the National Restaurant Association.

As 2011 gets going, only time will tell what trends will truly be popular this year!