Monday, January 31, 2011

A Valentine's Day dessert calls for something pink, red, chocolate or a combination of all of these, which is why the following recipes highlighted a so great for Valentine's Day. Get inspired by these beautiful tasty sweets created by the PreGel AMERICA Professional Training Center Staff for next month’s mid-winter celebration of love on February 14th. These desserts will leave a lasting impression on your customers’ with their visual impact and rich delicious flavors.


Looking for something pink & red...

Cherry Cheesecake Gelato
Blending PreGel Cherry Fortefrutto® and real cheesecake, this February favorite is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy.

Strawberry Banana Gelato
Two classic fruit flavors combine using PreGel Strawberry Fortefrutto® and PreGel Banana Fortefrutto®.

Strawberry Champagne Sorbetto
Create this sparkling champagne-infused sorbetto using PreGel Strawberry Fortefrutto®.

Strawberry Shortcake Gelato
The perfect combination of strawberries and cake in gelato form! Enjoy the combination of PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste, PreGel Fragolissima Arabeschi® (Whole Strawberries) and old fashion sponge cake.

Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt
Made with PreGel Yoggi 30® and PreGel Pomegranate Fortefrutto®, this pomegranate flavored yogurt offers a subtle hint of sweetness mixed with tangy.

Strawberry Guava Sorbetto
This recipe combines the luscious flavors of PreGel Pink Guava Fortefrutto® with a strawberry puree.

Bubble Gum Gelato Pop
Create this bubble gum gelato pop using PreGel Bubble Gum Gelato and PreGel Coriandolina® Red Arabeschi®.

Passion Fruit & Raspberry Frozen Marshmallows
One of Chef Monti's signature creations, these exotic flavored marshmallows are both yummy and light. Featured in his Plated Dessert and Petit Fours 5-Star Pastry Series Seminar, craft these exceptional marshmallows using PreGel's Passion Fruit Arabeschi®.


Or how about something chocolaty...

Triple Chocolate Brownie Gelato

Brownies and ice cream are a classic combination, and with our triple chocolate brownie gelato recipe you can now combine the best of both worlds using *PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate - Unsweet), PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale Arabeschi® and real brownie pieces.

Chocolate Passion Gelato
This gelato takes decadence to the next level. Pairing rich chocolate with the ever-growing popularity of passion fruit allows for a fruit and chocolate blend that is both sweet and satisfying. Create this chocolaty passion fruit combination using PreGel Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate) and PreGel Passion Fruit Fortefrutto®, accented with 2010/2011 novelty PreGel Passion Fruit Arabeschi®.

Chocolate Cake Gelato
Cake and ice cream have always gone hand-in-hand, and with our chocolate cake gelato recipe you can now combine the best of both worlds using real chocolate cake mix and *PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate — Unsweet).

Casanova Gelato
A Valentine's Day favorite that's full of nutty and chocolate passion. Featuring PreGel Tartufo al Bacio Traditional Paste (Chocolate & Whole Hazelnuts) and PreGel Caramelllate Traditional Paste and PreGel Cacao Togo (Cocoa Powder 22/24%), it is the perfect treat for romance.

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
A rich, creamy chocolate frosting using *PreGel Cacaopat Paste (Chocolate — Unsweet).

Cherry Amaretto Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Cake
Create this cherry almond and cocoa-flavored frozen yogurt cake complete with a chocolate cake insert using PreGrl Tortino al Cioccolato (Molten Chocolate Cake Base,  PreGel Cherry Fortefrutto® and PreGel Amaretto Traditional Paste.

Chocolate Cherry Brownie Pop
Construct this Chocolate Cherry Brownie Pop using PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste and PreGel Amarena Topping (Whole Sour Cherries).

Chocolate Cupcakes
A fun, bite-sized treat with a big chocolate flavor using PreGel Tortino al Cioccolato (Molten Chocolate Cake Base).

Top with cream cheese frosting, chocolate buttercream frosting or strawberry buttercream frosting.

Chocolate Sponge Cake
A light, airy cake with rich chocolate color and flavor using PreGel Tortino al Cioccolato (Molten Chocolate Cake Base).

 Flourless Chocolate Cake (Meringue Based)
This flourless chocolate cake is made with a meringue base created with PreGel Albumissimo (Egg White Base) combined with PreGel Cacao Togo (Cocoa Powder); no flour is needed.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Crunch Gelato Cake
Create this heavenly dark chocolate hazelnut gelato cake using PreGel Tortino al Cioccolato (Molten Chocolate Cake Base),*PreGel Gianduiotto (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut) Super Sprint and PreGel Biscotto Arabeschi®.

A truly formal dessert to say the least, create this fancy chocolate mousse, crème bruleé and cookie dough semifreddo using PreGel Ovissimo (Pasteurized Egg Yolks),  PreGel Textura (Mousse Base — Neutral), *PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate — Unsweet, PreGel Frollis (Short Dough Base) and *PreGel Chocolate Mirror Icing.


Happy Valentine’s Day!