Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why do people of all ages like gelato so much?

According to a psycho-behavioural study, carried out by GfK of Nürnberg on a heterogeneous sample of consumers of gelato aged from 16 to 60 years, living in large cities of northern, central and southern Germany, there doesn't seem to be any doubt:  people like gelato for four different reasons.

First, because it has a sweet taste that is appealing and satisfying. Second, because it is cool and refreshing, especially when the weather is warm. Third, for gelato's creamy, soft, velvety texture, which when mixed with ingredients such as biscuit, pieces of chocolate, hazelnut and almond crunch can also achieve a delicious crunch.  And last, because eating it elicits a feeling of happiness, and takes all of us back to when we were children.  And it is interesting to note that this multi-sensorial experience is common to all gelato consumers, regardless of age, sex and social, cultural and geographical conditions.

For gelato consumers, there seems to be a real "pleasure path" of emotions with different phases in rapid succession that, at times, overlap. The phases begin with the sight of gelato and the anticipation of the pleasure. Upon feeling its coldness a first sensorial impact is made, which is then followed by a gradual and refreshing effect due to its creamy texture. The final phase of the "pleasure path" is a progressive immersion in the gustatory experience and the attainment of fulfilment.

Gelato, in short, thanks to its freshness, is a way of feeling in harmony with the world, generating wellness, energy, vitality and a desire to live.  No matter what the reason, gelato is a food that should be enjoyed by all.