Monday, August 01, 2011

In fact, it’s so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Not that you would want to do that, I mean, who wants a gravel-studded omelet when there are so many tastier options?

In the humid climates it feels like you’re walking into a sauna where your clothes stick to your body as soon as you step outside. In the arid climates it feels like you’re walking into a pre-heated oven and every time you open your mouth it instantly dries out like you’re talking into a hairdryer. So how can you beat the heat aside from just lounging in the lovely air conditioner all day? It’s simple: tell the weatherman to bring it on and head on down to your local gelateria for a cold, refreshing treat!

Gelato and sorbetto are cool, creamy and delicious – and a lot more interesting than your ordinary old ice pop. You see, gelato is made with fresh whole milk so you’re getting a boost of calcium (without all the fat of ice cream). If you enjoy a flavor like pistachio, hazelnut or peanut, you’re also getting a kick of protein which will help your body make energy and feel full. If sorbetto is more to your liking, you’re getting a shot of hydration with every bite because sorbetto is mostly water. It’s also filled with fruity goodness which can provide essential vitamins and even fiber. Make sure to take advantage of summer’s seasonal favorites like peach, strawberry, cherry and watermelon – yum!

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