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Concord, N.C. (August 5, 2011) - As a leading resource in information about all things gelato since 2008, WhyGelato.com is ready to breathe new life into its trusty mascot. Until now, the WhyGelato.com bowl mascot has not had a name, but that's not to say he (or she) has not had a personality. And of course, any good personality needs a good name. Celebrating seasons and holidays, the WhyGelato.com bowl has been known to appear on the website as a pumpkin for Halloween, a snowman in the winter, a super fan during football season and a lifeguard in the summer.

There are five choices for names available to vote on at WhyGelato.com, male and female co-mascots (like Gio Lato & Sorbetty) or the more mysterious single-name character (like Michaelangebowl). Voting will take place on the WhyGelato.com website until September 2, 2011 and is open to anyone. CLICK HERE to cast your vote today! Once the votes have been tallied, the official WhyGelato.com mascot character will be released with their new story on the website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Giving the WhyGelato.com mascot a new identity is a new way to bring recognition to the mission of WhyGelato.com. Summer is the most important season for gelato awareness and education because it's the most popular time for people to enjoy frozen treats. WhyGelato.com encourages the public to learn more about the desserts they love and branch out to experience new flavors. Gelato is a flavorful alternative to American-style ice cream that has been getting a lot of attention recently because it is a healthier choice. Gelato is made with milk instead of cream, meaning it has a lower percentage of butterfat, however the taste is anything but diet. Originally created in Italy, gelato is made fresh daily using a special process that incorporates less air into the mixture, meaning the end result is more dense and creamy and the flavors are more intense. Sorbetto (or sorbet) is made using the same process, except with water instead of milk. Sorbetto is a non-dairy dessert that is usually non-fat as well because many flavors are made with fresh fruit. Fresh gelato and sorbetto can be found in local cafes, bakeries, restaurants and gelaterias around the country and WhyGelato.com makes it easy to locate one with the search by state feature on their website.

For more information about WhyGelato.com visit http://www.whygelato.com/, www.facebook.com/whygelato, http://www.twitter.com.whygelato/, or email info@whygelato.com.


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