Thursday, September 01, 2011

There is nothing better than the first crisp lines of a freshly sharpened #2 pencil on a sheet of bright white notebook paper. You try so hard to make that first page the most perfect page with your best handwriting and no mistakes... save that pristine eraser for another day. A new school year is always so exciting, it's an opportunity to make new friends, model your new clothes and get in good with the teacher. But at the end of those brain-busting days of absorbing new knowledge don't fall asleep with your head on the desk, have a little refreshment instead!

It doesn't take a geography wiz-kid to know that one of the best after-school treats in the world comes from Italy. Luckily, there's probably a place that serves freshly-made gelato a lot closer to you! Gelato is a smart treat because it's made with fresh whole milk, a source of calcium which is good for growing bodies. Try some new flavors this season like cinnamon French toast gelato, cappucino, and chocolate almond. Or if you're not into dairy, a sorbetto will certainly make the grade since it is made with water instead of milk and usually contains fresh fruit as well. Some of fall's most famous fruit flavors are apple, plum and blackberry so make sure to study up on those.

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