Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ciao! My name is Michelangebowl and it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm here in America after living in Italy for many years and WOW is there a lot to see and do here! I've hung out with the Statue of Liberty, gotten a tan at the beach, did a little hiking in the mountains and made my way across the Golden Gate Bridge (did you know it's actually orange?). I even got to see the Grand Canyon- kind of makes you wonder how many scoops of gelato it would take to fill a bowl that big, hmmm.


It's been great here so far and everyone I meet has been super nice. I'm used to people saying that they love me, but it's still hard to get over how many people in the United States had never even heard of me before I came here! During my travels I've been trying out some new flavors that we don't have in Italy like peanut butter and jelly, and rocky road. Of course, I still have a soft spot for the Italian classics like pistachio and Stracciatella, but my eyes are always open for something new and unique. Luckily I'm in good hands, the gelato makers here in the States work very hard to honor the timeless art of making fresh gelato and sorbetto... they must have learned from the best!


Of course, the art of gelato is my passion. I've always had an eye for the beautiful shades and hues of my favorite dessert as well as the graceful dips and waves that they form in delicately frozen perfection. Much like a fine painting or sculpture made out of stone, gelato is a feast for the eyes, but unlike the works of the old masters, it's also delicious! Though gelato is made of simple ingredients like milk, sugar and natural flavors, it takes the skilled hand of an artisan to truly bring out the creamy, irresistible dessert everyone craves.


As I embark on my journey around America, I hope to rediscover the true passion that well-crafted gelato inspires as it does in Italy. Join me on Facebook and Twitter for a glimpse of my journey around the country and make sure to check out to find a gelateria near you for an experience in the art of gelato. Arrivederci!