Thursday, May 10, 2012

There's no better time of year to chill out than the scorching hot season of summer! During these hazy days we turn up the air conditioner, blast our fans, or open the windows and look for any other ways to get and stay cool. Summer is synonymous with day trips, outdoor activities, vacations (or staycations), but foods and drinks specific to this high-temperature season tend to be the universal nucleus of summer fun that everyone can look forward to, and gelato is part of that list. Why? Aside from the growing popularity of this authentic Italian treat among Americans that even the most popular celebrities enjoy, the list of reasons explaining why gelato is among the best culinary experiences of summer is endless; but here are some to ponder.

  • The rich, authentic taste of gelato is like experiencing an Italian vacation in a cup--no plane tickets, passports or vacation money necessary! Just time to savor the moment with good company!

  • Gelato allows you to taste a rainbow of magnificent flavor in every category you can think of, including chocolates, nuts, fruits, cookies, and even soothing drinks like coffee and cappuccino! Be mindful not to oversaturate your refreshing treat with too many toppings, since you dont want to lose the captivating flavor gelato offers.

  • It's a versatile treat that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Gelato is delicious in a cup, on a cone, as a shake or as cake. It's dairy-free counterpart, sorbetto, is amazing on its own or as a refreshing spritzer!

  • Gelato is a waist-friendly treat, and since people tend to become more body-concious during the warmer season, even the most ardent dieter can relax during a night out with friends, as gelato contains only a fraction of the calories and fat content than traditional American ice cream.

So, when you get a moment to chill out this summer, take a trip to your local gelateria. You may find yet another reason to add to the list of reasons regarding "why gelato?"