Friday, September 21, 2012




By: Janae Morris

Congratulations! You’re well into the new educational season, and past the anxiety of different classes, making new friends and encountering the first of many new experiences, which for many included entering high school, college or a new trade school of choice. Now that a few weeks have passed, allowing you to settle into your fresh routine, why not gather with some friends (new and old) and enjoy a well-deserved frozen dessert to celebrate—namely gelato!


A gelateria is just the place to chat about all that’s happened since school began including what you’ve already learned and which exciting upcoming events you’re looking forward to. In the stylish, colorful and energizing atmosphere of a gelateria, a world of flavor possibilities lay at your fingertips…literally.


All of your favorite flavors of gelato are available for you to mix-n-match, or simply enjoy your favorite flavor by itself. Feel like hanging out, sharing, bonding, all that fun friendship stuff? Here’s an idea: everybody get a scoop of their favorite flavor in a large cup, and then everyone can sample a little bit of everything. That particular idea may not be appetizing to some. Good thing it’s just as easy to enjoy a personal dessert!


But the school year is not just about new classes and friends; for those who've experienced a smitten energy for a certain guy or girl, it’s about first dates, too! Gelato in your favorite form, albeit in a cup, in a cone, as a milkshake, smoothie or frozen pop, is an economically friendly choice, and dairy-free options known as sorbetto are also available at gelaterias.


Teachers, professors, instructors, faculty and staff, this column is not just for students to take heed to. Remember, gelaterias also appeal to more mature taste preferences. Sure, flavors like bubble gum and fruity banana might be found at the local gelateria, but specialty treats including affogatos (creamy gelato doused in coffee or espresso) are also a common menu option. Not a coffee drinker? Have a creamy smoothie or gelato float. It’s just like an ice cream float…except the flavor is much more intense.


Keep in mind that a gelateria is a great place for lunch, too! Don’t be fooled by the locale’s concept, a gelateria is not just for purchasing gelato, sorbetto or pastry but hardier foods like authentic Italian Panini’s can also be consumed (with gelato for dessert of course!). Or have lunch European-style and replace your traditional midday meal with gelato the way it’s often done in Italy!


Remember, gelato is not a biased dessert. It’s available for all ages to enjoy and is a place that offers numerous reasons to visit; not just because of all the delicious flavors, but because in so many ways, visiting a gelateria is just something cool to do.  By the way, froyo shops are pretty amazing too!


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