Friday, October 05, 2012



By: Janae Morris

Today is Michaelangebowl's first official birthday as the mascot of whygelato.com and you're invited to create a nationwide party!


It's Friday, the precursor to a weekend filled with all kinds of fun possibilities and in lieu of Michaelangebowl, go out and treat yourself to a delicious specialty dessert including a scrumptious slice of gelato cake! Michaelangebowl is still busy traveling the United States and getting acquainted with lovers of gelato, as well as those who still have not experienced the wonderment of the authentic Italian treat. Nevertheless, he will soon have an update for all of his loyal fans detailing his vast and exciting travels. There's always a reason to partake in gelato, so today add Michangebowl's birthday to your list!


If you're celebrating something special this weekend, write us and tell us all about it on our WhyGelato.com Facebook page or @WhyGelato on Twitter, or simply wish Michaelangebowl a buon compleanno (that means happy birthday!) and share which of the many flavors of gelato you enjoyed to celebrate the occasion!