Wednesday, November 21, 2012




By: Janae Morris

The holiday season has officially arrived, bringing with it reunions between family, friends and loved ones. Aside from the gifts of reuniting, holiday cheer and loads of delcious foods and desserts, the holiday season also brings forth much travel for many, including Michaelangebowl.

Whygelato's loyal mascot is taking a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time, and therefore relinquishing his post at whygelato.com to travel the world. But all is not lost. Whygelato.com will remain dedicated to engaging our loyal followers with up-to-date news and information about the world of specialty frozen desserts including gelato and sorbetto, and the flavor trends that continue to make the authentic Italian treat completely irresistible.

With many thanks, we wish Michaelangebowl well for representing whygelato.com with a vast amount of enthusiasm, and safe travels as he moves on to his next endeavor of educating the world about gelato.

So enjoy your favorite flavor of gelato at your local gelateria and bid Michaelangebowl a final adieu with a smile, because even the toughest goodbyes are sweeter with gelato!