Friday, February 07, 2014

By Janae Morris

It’s February and for many parts of North America, IT’S COLD! But even though Mother Nature may be giving us the frigid shoulder right now, her chilly attitude doesn’t stop the occasional craving we get for something sweet. So what is your usual standby treat? Cookies? A piece of cake? A cup of hot chocolate? All of the above? Well, don’t discount a cold treat even if the day’s high in your region is a negative number. As we learned from January’s WhyGelato? article there are many delectable ways to enjoy gelato, one of which is merging hot and cold temperatures. And although February is the suggested month to experience the delicious blend of espresso or coffee and gelato in the form of an enchanting affogato, I’m suggesting another kind of heat infusion – spices!

In case you haven’t yet heard, spiced gelato is an advanced option for flavor thrill seekers. This blossoming trend incorporates a multitude of spicy additives such as cardamom, cinnamon, cayenne, anise peppercorn, black pepper, hot pepper sauce, chilies, habanero, jalapeño, ginger, persimmon, horseradish, white pepper, mustard, curry, etc. The flavor options are endless with gelato and spices.

Now, if you’re even the least bit intrigued by the idea of spicing things up this February, here are three flavor ideas to feast your eyes on (and if you’re a gelato chef or budding "dessertpreneur", click on the images below to obtain the recipes provided by our sponsor, PreGel AMERICA for Chili Chocolate Gelato, Gingerbread Soft Serve and Mango Habanero Sorbetto):

Chili Chocolate Gelato Gingerbread Soft Serve Mango Habanero Sorbetto

Fruit flavor lovers REJOICE! Dairy-free gelato, otherwise known as sorbetto can be spiced too!

America has become a nation of foodies captivated by the food-based television shows, blogs and publications that fertilize our taste buds into full bloom with fresh, new, innovative ideas. In regard to gelato, spices can be utilized to create some of the hottest food trends of today, including ethnic flavors and seasonal desserts. So whether you want to enjoy a cup of spiced gelato for yourself or place a specialty order with your local gelato shop to cater an event, this trending hot/cold delicacy is definitely one to consider. And don’t forget, your spiced gelato can be enjoyed in various forms, i.e. frozen pops, cakes, smoothies, shakes, etc.

Ready to take the plunge to where cold is hot; heat is neat; and spice is nice? Pay your local gelateria a visit and then let us know what you think. I mean, how many people can say they warmed up with something cold? Well, now you can! (Spoiler alert – in the summertime you can do the reverse and cool down with a heat wave when you eat spicy gelato).

Whatever time of year you choose to indulge, simply enjoy!