Wednesday, February 24, 2016




PreGel America, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer in the world, is excited to announce its sponsorship of Gelato World Tour 2016, May 27-29 at Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois. PreGel is the main ingredient sponsor of the world’s largest gelato festival, dedicated to celebrating the culture of making authentic Italian artisanal gelato.

PreGel America umbrellas subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Latin America, and Peru. The international company encourages gelato artisans in North and South America to compete for the renowned title of World’s Best Gelato at the family-friendly event. Deadline to register at is Thursday, March 31st. There is no application fee.

Beginning with the application stage of the competition process, PreGel supplies potential competitors with three Hot Process Bases to utilize toward the creation of their original gelato recipes, as well as a unique selection of characterizing ingredients including premium Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto® (fruit-based flavor pastes), and Arabeschi® (Toppings & Fillings). Skilled pastry chefs from PreGel’s International Training Center will also be available to assist interested parties in fine-tuning their recipes for submission.

Sixteen contestants will be chosen to compete on the America’s East stage at the three-day event based on criteria enforced by Gelato World Tour organizers. All rules and regulations are posted on the official Gelato World Tour website (

Competitors will produce their original recipe each day of the competition, which will be voted on by a series of judging committees and spectators who purchase tasting tickets, which will allow them to vote on their favorite flavor.

In addition to securing technical support to competing gelato artisans during Gelato World Tour, PreGel America will teach two classes throughout the duration of the competition festival:

·        Learn from PreGel: Learn how to create a “mouth feel” sensation

·        A journey into the art of gelato tasting: Learn how to distinguish the aspects of a great gelato

In addition to showcasing the dynamic skills of the company’s trained pastry and gelato chefs, three fun-filled events will be hosted at the PreGel tent for spectators of the Gelato World Tour to enjoy:

·        Play with Pino Pinguino by PreGel - Come taste the best artisan gelato made ever yummier by PinoPinguino. Get your chance to meet, greet, and take a souvenir picture with PinoPinguino himself!


·        Stack it High Showdown with PreGel - Gelato maestros compete to create the highest gelato in the world! At stake, the PreGel Cup!


·        Tonda Challenge by iFi - A battle to the last scoop between gelato artisans to prepare the perfect gelato cup. Who will win the Golden Gelato Spatula?


The 1st place winner of Gelato World Tour – Chicago will earn the title of World’s Best Gelato for their region. The top three contestants will have the opportunity to compete in Gelato World Tour 2017 during SIGEP in Rimini, Italy, for the chance to earn World’s Best Gelato internationally.

A second America-based Gelato World Tour event will be held later this year on the West Coast of the United States.