Because It’s All About Presentation

Have you ever heard the word ‘artisanal’? (see Terms to Know section for more gelato-related jargon that can make you sound fancy)

An artisanal presentation is the essence of what makes the aesthetic of gelato exquisite. Think your favorite celebrity all made up and walking the red carpet … that’s the equivalent to artisanal gelato—where stunning presentation is not only eye-catching, but memorable and inspiring.

Unlike traditional American ice cream, which is usually served in concealed tubs, traditional Italian gelato is served in pans, and tediously designed to first create visual appeal.


Gelato waves are the classic way gelato is presented in a pan. The waves are created during the extraction from the batch freezer with a gelato spatula. The gelato maker will carefully collect the gelato with a spatula and place large dollops of gelato until a beautiful mountain of waves is formed.


Gelato can be designed into a mesmerizing mound of wavy goodness. Utilizing a gelato spade following extraction from the batch freezer, the gelato chef will sculpt a filled pan of gelato into rounded waves of eye-appeal.


Whether displayed with high, delicious peaks or sculpted into creamy waves of temptation, adding décor using ingredients that showcase the actual flavor profile, such as chocolate pieces, fruit wedges, or cookies, the artisanal appeal is highly emphasized. Garnishes including sugar pieces, fresh flowers, spices, cones, and more can be added to create a special ambiance for each pan as well.

Accented with specialty dessert sauces

The addition of rich dessert sauces or coatings—either carefully drizzled over the pan or folded into the gelato for a marbleized effect—adds with inclusions of allow for the creation of exceptional flavor combinations, diverse textural components, and attention-grabbing visual appeal.


Gelato can indeed be transformed from the traditional artisan cup to a chic plated dessert when layers of gelato, cake, and dessert sauce are precisely cut into a sophisticated dessert option fit for porcelain plates and white linen napkins.



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