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WhyGelato.com is a gelato-inspired resource dedicated to educating and supplying information on the Italian dessert, gelato. WhyGelato.com’s purpose is to further the gelato industry and support local gelato businesses in North America.

WhyGelato.com does its best to maintain that the content published on its site is non-bias and educational in nature.

To continue to keep this site a relevant resource for the industry, we welcome your comments and opinions. Please send your feedback to comments@whygelato.com.

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WhyGelato.com is sponsored and published by PreGel AMERICA, Inc. The content on WhyGelato.com does not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of PreGel AMERICA.

PreGel AMERICA created WhyGelato.com to promote the underserved market of gelato in North America. As the site administrator, PreGel AMERICA is committed to offering the industry an online resource that represents the industry in a fair and non-bias manner to the best of its abilities.

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