Because It's Not Mousse

Though its popularity has gained amazing momentum in the past decade, some people may not know what gelato is. Many have mistaken it for mousse, pudding, a gelatin-based dessert, or a “fancy” version of premium ice cream. But none of those assumptions are correct; the accurate answer is very simple:

Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream with an artisanal aesthetic. Made with authentic ingredients, gelato is known for its intense flavor , soft, smooth texture, and clean taste. As a matter of fact, gelato means “frozen” in Italian.

Although that sounds super simple, there is so much more to know about gelato including the specific ingredients used to make it; the particular ways it should be styled and served; the host of nutritional benefits to be enthused about; where to find it; and the process for opening a gelateria (that’s Italian for gelato shop). However, the most intriguing thing about gelato is perhaps the history of its origins.


Gelato 101

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