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Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you immediately wondered how it was prepared? Or perhaps you own a business and imagined how you can redesign an impressive culinary experience. Gelato tends to have that same effect on people, piquing their curiosity to understand how this Italian delicacy is made.

Gelato tends to have that same effect on people, piquing their curiosity to understand how this Italian delicacy is made.

It certainly has evolved past its origins of ice and fruit juice or honey to make it the unforgettable treat it is. But here, we will list the most fundamental ingredients necessary to make gelato and sorbetto (dairy-free gelato), and their basic functions.


  • Utilized in the production of sorbetto (dairy-free gelato)
  • Filtered water is preferred in sorbetto production
  • Tap water is permitted but quality and consistency can vary by location
  • Helps sorbet to maintain its frozen quality


  • Utilized to make “cream flavors” such as chocolate, pistachio, or vanilla)
  • Whole milk is considered the best for preparing gelato (3.5%)
  • Reduced fat, skim (fat-free), soy, almond, and rice milks can be used
  • Adds smooth and creamy texture to gelato
  • Increases resistance to melting
  • Provides protein and calcium to gelato


  • Decreases freezing point and increases viscosity
  • Adds softness to texture, but not melted texture
  • Different types can be used that offer varying levels of sweetness
  • Sucrose (cane sugar), dextrose, lactose (natural sugar from milk), fructose (natural sugar from fruit), and invert sugars (glucose, honey and corn syrup), sugar substitutes such as Splenda® Brand Sweetener

Milk-Solids-Non-Fat (MSNF)

  • Consists of protein, lactose and minerals found in dairy products
  • A gelato maker can add skim milk powder, milk or cream to add the benefits of MSNF
  • Increases the percentage of proteins and improved the texture of the gelato
  • Too little MSNF might make the gelato icy
  • Too much could make the texture grainy

Stabilizers & Emulsifiers

  • Preserve flavor and improve taste and appearance
  • Stabilizers act as thickening agents to give gelato a firmer texture
  • Emulsifiers allow water and oils to remain mixed
  • Both come from natural substances and are used in very small amounts
  • Some semi-finished gelato bases already contain these ingredients


  • Most important characteristics of gelato
  • Flavors can come in the form of pastes or powders
  • The best type is a high-quality flavor that will be consistent
  • A great gelato base is the perfect foundation for sweet and savory flavors from gorgonzola cheese to chocolate


  • Mostly added to sorbetto as fresh, frozen, juice, or puree
  • Natural sugar in fruit helps sweeten the gelato mix
  • Natural acidity in fruit helps characterize the flavor
  • The right fruit-flavored ingredient is a great way to enjoy your favorite fruit-flavored gelato though the fruit may be out of season


  • Air is the forgotten ingredient
  • Increases volume of gelato
  • Makes texture smooth
  • Gelato requires more air than sorbetto due to its dense nature



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