Because Similar on the Outside Doesn’t Mean Same on the Inside

Main Ingredients Butterfat Serving Temperature Air Calories (per 100g serving, average) Characteristics
Ice Cream Heavy Cream, Whole Milk, Sugars minimum 10% -4F/-20C to 6F/ -15C 30-100% 220 Fluffy, fatty, creamy, smooth
Frozen Custard Heavy Cream, Whole Milk, Sugars, Egg Yolks. minimum 10% 10F/-12C to 20F/-7C 20-25% 200 Dense, rich, smooth, creamy
Gelato Whole Milk, Heavy Cream, Sugars minimum 3% 12F/-11C 30-35% 160 Dense, intensely flavored, creamy, warmer mouthfeel
Frozen Yogurt Milk, Yogurt, Sugars 0% to 10% 12F/-11C to 18F/-8C 35-65% 90 Dense, colder mouthfeel, less creamy
Sorbetto Fruit, Water, Sugars 0% 12F/-11C 25-35% 115 Intensely fruity, refreshing, clean, slightly colder and less creamy
Sherbet Fruit, Water, Milk and/or Heavy Cream, Sugars 1-3% -4F/-20C to 6F/ -15C 30-35% 120 Less intense fruit flavor, slightly creamier than sorbetto, but less than dairy-based desserts


Please note:

  • This chart reflects percentages and calories that, on average, are based on a 100g serving of one particular flavor. Numbers can vary based on recipes, ingredients, processing equipment, etc.
  • For ice cream especially, the fat % can vary widely. Generally, commercial ice cream can be 10-18%, or even higher, and recipes people use in their home machines can be near 25%.
  • Ice cream’s ideal serving temperature is actually the same as gelato, however it is usually served at a lower temperature within the range showcased on this chart.


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