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It’s officially summertime – the warmest of the four seasons and synonymous with celebrations, vacations, frozen desserts and trips to the beach. With a location directly on the Indian River only one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, Uncle Carlo’s Gelato is intent on continuously providing its coastal patrons with sweet waves of irresistible gelato and a plethora of goodies. Uncle Carlo’s describes what fuels his bottomless passion for gelato and devotion to creating a customer atmosphere as pleasant as a summer evening sunset.

Uncle Carlo’s Gelato
Carlo and Stacey Sacco
Renaissance on the River Bldg.
141 Melody Lane
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
(772) 672-4401

Janae Morris (JM): What inspired the creation of Uncle Carlo’s?
Uncle Carlo’s (UC): Born in Italy, I always dreamed of one day opening my own gelateria. We feel blessed to have had this opportunity to turn our passion into an everyday reality.

JM: What do you think is the key to your impressive success? Why do customers continue to return?
UC: First and foremost, we work incredibly hard to ensure fresh and high quality products with intense flavor. Most importantly, we treat our customers like family and provide an all-around pleasant customer service experience. We believe that the combination of these qualities contribute to customers returning to our establishment.

JM: If Uncle Carlo’s could create any gelato flavor that does not currently exist, what would it be?
UC: We are always introducing new gelato flavors and would like to make “Lavender Honey” gelato as our newest creation.

JM: How long have you been in business?
UC: Uncle Carlo’s Gelato will be celebrating 5 years of business this upcoming July 4th.

JM: How many Uncle Carlo’s locations do you currently operate?
UC: We are currently operating at one location.

JM: What inspires the flavors showcased on your gelato/specialty dessert menu?
UC: Much of our inspiration comes from customer suggestions and feedback. We experiment with different combinations and see what works!

JM: What is the main thing you would want people to know about Uncle Carlo’s?
UC: We would like people to know that we will continue to work tirelessly in an effort to perfect our flavors and deliver a superior product to our customers. We value our customers and strive to provide an enjoyable dining experience.

JM: What are the overall business goals of Uncle Carlo’s?
UC: Our goal is to continue growing our business and making improvements each and every day. Ideally, we would love to expand Uncle Carlo’s Gelato to new locations in the future.

JM: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in business?
UC: We have learned that it is important to adapt to change and welcome any suggestions and improvements. It is imperative that we listen to our customers and not be afraid to try something new or do something different.

JM: What drives/inspires Uncle Carlo’s business operations amid the growing population of specialty dessert competitors?
UC: At Uncle Carlo’s Gelato, we are driven by customer satisfaction and appreciation. It is an indescribable feeling when customers tell us that we provided them with the greatest gelato they have ever tasted or when we are told that our product is comparable to the best gelaterias in Italy.

JM: Does Uncle Carlo’s sponsor any events/charities? If so, what kind?
UC: We are actively involved in our community and we are happy to donate to charities, nearby schools, churches and events all year long. Support for other local businesses and establishments is essential, and it is what makes downtown Fort Pierce so unique and special.

JM: Is there an occurrence/business blooper you would most like to forget?
UC: During the night of our grand opening, July 4, 2008, there was a magnificent fireworks display in front of our business and we were packed with customers. To add to the chaos, an employee of ours was in the kitchen and tried getting down a can of stracciatella chocolate from a top shelf when the lid came off and actually spilled over his head and onto the floor. We could only laugh at that moment and talk about it to this day!

JM: What do you think sets you apart from other businesses in the specialty frozen dessert industry?
UC: The quality and flavor of our PreGel products is unrivaled. We trust that the combination of great gelato, a friendly atmosphere and overall cleanliness is what sets us apart from other businesses in our industry. In addition to dessert, customers can try our breakfast menu, gourmet Panini selection, fresh salads, daily specials and a variety of coffee products. We constantly add to our menu to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

JM: How did you come up with the name Uncle Carlo’s for your business?
UC: Our family spent some time bouncing ideas off of each other, and it did not take long until my sister just said, “I know what it is. Uncle Carlo’s Gelato.” It just seemed to click instantly and was mutually agreed upon by everyone.

JM: What is one of your most rewarding experiences/greatest success stories?
UC: We are thrilled to see customers light up when they look at our gelato display upon entering our beautiful business. They are excited to sample the latest flavors, admire our creative gelato decorations, and simply sit down and visit with us. All of these experiences truly make our daily hard work worth it in the end. We look forward to continue servicing our customers through many more years of business and growth.