Enjoying Gelato in its Many Different Forms

By: Kiera Vorse Garnett


THERE ARE FEW THINGS more satisfying than a good old-fashioned treasure hunt (especially if it ends with you finding that treasure)! Even if you don’t know the feeling of digging up a chest of gems or striking a vein of gold, you probably know what it’s like to find something incredible in a totally inconspicuous setting. We’ve come to refer to these as “hidden gems.”

Here in the gelato world, we’re taking a look at some hidden gems of our own. Dessert creators from around the country, who run what outwardly looks to be a “typical” gelato shop, have expanded beyond the boundaries of cups, cones, and bowls to showcase the diversities of this (already) unique treat.

Simply grabbing a scoop (or two) of refreshing gelato is a win on its own, right? But how much better would it be to find it served in a way you probably haven’t tried before?

Gelato Crepes

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Enjoy our crispy crepes with fruit and gelato???#yummy #realitaliangelato

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Our first stop is Bellalinda Gelateria Italiana, located in Henderson, Nevada. Some have described their journeys along the sparkling shores of Lake Las Vegas, when they spot a gelato shop and are enchanted with what they find inside.

On top of classic gelato flavors and preparations, Bellalinda serves enticing gelato milkshakes, fluffy frappes, and, of course, the delicious affogato (gelato “drowned” in coffee or espresso). Even with those amazing options, the customer-appointed star of their menu is the gelato crepe.

Gelato Crepes are BellaLinda’s best seller!

“We usually fill our crepes with Nutella or with jam (triple berries or strawberry). We can add banana on top, powdered sugar, and drizzle with chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup,” owner Linda Caccaro describes. “We complete it with a big scoop of gelato on top or on the side! That’s all! They are really delicious,” she adds.

Such a sweet and charming dish is definitely what we consider something to look for.

Gelato Cannoli

Our next “gelato gem” is Gorgeous Gelato, located in the heart of Portland, Maine. Mere minutes from a collection of wharfs and piers, the authentic Italian gelato shop has a quaint, modest façade. Beyond its brick exterior and vintage style signage, however, are some delicious novelties that are just waiting to be stumbled upon.

Gorgeous Gelato, not surprisingly, has many alluring items on their menu. Among their traditional gelato flavors and desserts, their menu boasts gelato cakes, affogato, and an interest-piquing selection of cocktails featuring gelato as the star. Their gelato has been described as “some of the best to be had outside of Italy,” so, it’s no surprise that they would take this dedication and quality, crossed with some innovation, to produce the most unique item on their menu: the gelato cannoli.

The instagram post above features three of popular Gelato Cannoli Flavors: Oreo, ChocoMint, and Gorgeous (chocolate and caramel) their namesake flavor.

“Actually, we started producing them many years [ago] and we’re pretty sure we were the first in US…” commented owner Donato Giovine.

How cool is that? This is surely a destination to mark on your maps if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dessert from an authentic source!

 Gelato Shakes

Our last “X’s” on this sweet treasure map are Iorio Gelaterias, with multiple locations in the lakeside state of Michigan. Housed within a typically non-descript building, you could happen upon an Iorio Gelateria while in one of their three city locations. If you don’t find yourself near the University of Michigan or a Horrock’s Market, luckily you can still discover pint sized servings of their gelato and sorbetto in surrounding area stores.

They keep an array of frequently rotating, noteworthy flavors in their case, such as Earl Grey Tea Gelato or Pomegranate Champagne Sorbetto. Already advancing frontiers with some of their inventive dessert explorations, Iorio has introduced us to something even more distinctive on their menu – the gelato shake.

The Instagram post above features the staff’s favorite gelato shake flavor, Bacio Gelato Shake. It’s made with one of Italy’s most beloved gelato flavor “the traditional chocolate hazelnut, [which tastes] sort of like your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread,” describes Alexa Hecksel of Iorio.

“The shake is a fun take on a very popular traditional gelato flavor. Bacio means kiss in Italian, and that’s really what this flavor is,” she added.

A great last stop to this leg of our journey, but there is so much more to discover. Let us know if you find something worth sharing, and who knows? Maybe we’ll write about it in the next edition of “Something To Look For”.

Stay tuned and happy hunting!