Trending Flavors Series: Cheese

Every so often gelato artisans across America fall into what seems like a supernatural wavelength of genius. This phenomenon acts like a link that connects the consciousness of gelato artisans to thousands of their industry comrades during flavor development and is evidenced in the many unique variations of gelato featuring one inspiring ingredient. We named this phenomenon “Trending Flavors”, and this is a series documenting its many occurrences.

Cheese lovers unite!

This inaugural article of the Trending Flavors Series is dedicated to you, the die-hard fans of that sometimes pungent and sometimes mild, but always perfectly delicious aged dairy product that has the world wanting to worship at its alter during every meal.

In case you needed a socially acceptable reason to eat cheese for the most important meal of the day (that would be dessert, in case you were wondering), gelato artisans around the world have got you covered. If you had any doubts that cheese couldn’t be the perfect frozen ending to an equally amazing meal, doubt no more, because I found a few gelaterias that feature cheese gelato on their shop menus using their own unique recipes.

Gemelli, Artisinal Gelato and Dessert Cafe
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Gemelli’s Gemelli Gelato is a gelateria you can find in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The name of the shop is Italian for “two things that pair well together.” Aptly named (if you ask me), because as the owners discovered, there are few things that pair well together better than chocolate and… cheese??

Owner and gelato artisan, Vincenzo, created the unexpectedly perfect combination of fresh Mascarpone and Nutella. The dense and creamy nature of Mascarpone acts as a complementary partner to the velvety richness of that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread. Taking two Italian classics and combining them to make a new timeless flavor was an act of pure genius.

I’ll take 3 scoops please!

Cirsea, Craft Ice Cream 


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In Charleston South Carolina Cirsea, Craft Ice Cream owner and gelato artisan, Kelly Chu, crafted a gelato ode to her mother, whose favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry. Wanting to break away from the norm while still honoring the timelessly sweet fruit, Strawberry Goat Cheese Gelato was born. “I loved the acidity of goat cheese” Kelly says, “and how it would marry with the strawberry to create a very bright and layered experience.  I wanted people to taste the sweet of the strawberry first and then the creamy goat cheese.”

Since its debut, the flavor has been “a hit ever since.” They’ve even managed to convince doubters into being fans. They often heard from customers who initially questioned if goat cheese could be enjoyable at first, but tried it, and then claimed that it’s their new favorite flavor.

Hey Cirsea, do you ship your gelato? I’m asking for a friend.

Azucar Ice Cream Company
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My next guest needs no introductions… but I’ll do it anyways. Suzy Batlle gelato and ice cream artisan and owner of Azucar Ice Cream Company in Miami, Florida, creates unique flavors directly inspired by the Latin/Caribbean culture of her community, her Cuban heritage, and her unending admiration for her abuela, who just so happened to be an ice cream fanatic.

If you’ve ever eaten a warm guava and cream cheese pastelito, warm and straight from the oven, you probably thought that there could be nothing more delicious than that gooey and indulgent pastry. Well, you’ve never had a scoop of Abuela Maria, a flavor named for Suzy’s grandmother. This gelato style “fior di latte” ice cream has ribbons of sweet guava and savory cream cheese folded into it with generous crumbs of Maria Crackers sprinkled throughout.

¡Perfecto! ¡Beuno! ¡Guardame un poco!



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Cheese in all its forms can be used to enhance the flavor experience of a gelato fan. But what happens when you repurpose a classic American pastry to create a new Americana favorite? Stop by Granzella’s in Williams, California and you’ll find out what must surely be included on heaven’s menu.

Granzella’s opened its doors in 1976, serving classic Italian-American cuisine to locals, pairing it with a familial charm that is distinct to small family businesses. Their popular Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato is a blend of fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and chunks of cheesecake. “Our customers rave that it’s a perfect summer dessert! It’s creamy, sweet, and refreshing. It’s the perfect choice when you are looking to order a dessert a la mode, but don’t want all the cake.”

They say that New York has the best cheesecake … well, I’m heading to California to see if that’s still true.

There is no denying it. Whatever the cheese, there is something about the many varieties of it that inspires the imagination, enraptures the senses, and has us begging for more. And speaking of begging, there is one thing you won’t have to beg for more of: the Trending Series from There is plenty more heading your way, soon.