Experiencing Italy’s Finest Gelato in Salem, New Hampshire, USA

After my first amazing gelato discovery, my next stop was Tuscan Market in Salem, NH. This location is one of six locations (four restaurants and two markets), and will soon turn into a full-on production facility that will create some of the finished products and recipes you will be able to enjoy at all of their locations, including their newest restaurant in Boston, Tuscan Kitchen Seaport.

At Tuscan Market, you walk in and immediately feel like you’ve been transported to Italy. Everywhere you look there is food, beverages, treats, olive oil, and wine; the further you walk into the store, the more you discover the extensive amount of items Tuscan Market has to offer. They even have a bakery with house-made cookies, monoportions, and (you guessed it) house-made gelato.

I spoke with Ilson Machado the production manager for Tuscan Brands, and when I asked him why they chose to offer gelato on their menu, he said, “You can’t have an authentic Italian market without gelato. Gelato is just part of Italian life, and it’s a perfect complement to everything we offer here at the market.”

To create their signature flavors, Ilson’s team considers many different factors, but always with the intent to use the best ingredients. This past Valentine’s Day they were inspired by the romance of the holiday to create a Strawberry Prosecco Sorbetto which they served in their restaurants (Tuscan Kitchens). They even take advantage of mistakes they’ve made to establish a new fan favorite like their very popular Coco-Marshmallow Gelato.

Even with so many new and amazing flavors his team has come up with, according to Ilson, you have to make sure you have the classics in the case, too. “If you don’t have Sicilian Pistachio Gelato or Toasted Almond Gelato in your gelato case, it’s incomplete.”

I was able to try their newest seasonal item, Blueberry Gelato. The soft and subtle flavor of blueberry with the creamy sweet texture of the gelato was out of this world.

Visit Tuscan Brand’s website here, and find the nearest location to try their fresh gelato for yourself.

My Suggestion: Try the Coconut Macaron. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and coconut.

Come back next week for Pt. 3 of my “Gelato Discoveries” in Quincy City, MA!