Experiencing Italy’s Finest Gelato in Quincy City, MA, USA


I promised you Quincy City, MA in my last “Gelato Discoveries” post, and I’m here to deliver! My third stop was at Italian Café Gelato, a fairly new gelateria that opened its doors in the revitalizing center of Quincy City. When I first walked into this gelato shop I immediately got a sense of how the traditions of the past collide with the innovations of the future. The sleek yet comfortable atmosphere invites you to take a seat, pull out your laptop, and finish that pesky assignment as you indulge in the sweet decadence of their house-made gelato.

I was able to speak with Daniele Buzza, one of the Italian chefs and part owner of Italian Café Gelato. He told me that they chose Quincy to be the home of their business because of the ongoing revitalization that the area was undergoing, which was apparent; the nearer I got to Italian Café Gelato, the more trendy and attractive the establishments were.

Balancing the tastes of his patrons while still maintaining a high level of tradition is a challenge that the chefs at Italian Café Gelato look forward to. With so many of these high-end businesses in the area, you would think that their clientele would have a decidedly sophisticated palate, but the most popular flavor in their gelato case at the time of my visit was actually a sweet reminder of childhood summer days at the county fair: Cotton Candy.

If Cotton Candy is not you’re thing, don’t worry, they have 18 different flavors to choose from including Daniele’s favorites, Cheesecake and Tiramisu.

My Suggestion: Get an Affogato with a scoop of hazelnut. A hot shot of espresso poured over sweet & creamy gelato might have you questioning why you don’t stop in for breakfast as well.


Visit Italian Café Gelato website here, and try their fresh gelato for yourself.

Come back and join me for a delicious review of my next Gelato Discoveries adventures!